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gun dog photographsI love my job!  This week found me down in Oxford for a meeting with Paul Makepiece from Trochry Gun Dogs, as I am building his website.  However, we also needed some photos of him training his dogs on his fantastic new twenty acre training ground, so we headed off down there with a few of his own dogs and some of the dogs he’s training for clients.

It really is a fantastic training ground – all kinds of terrain; a purpose being-built retrieving alley, a well stocked game pen, embankment, river…

Then the dogs came out.  It is always a pleasure watching a well trained gun dog at work and this stunning yellow lab was put through her paces, showing wonderful steadiness in the pheasant pen and doing some beautiful retrieves.

When Mac the working cocker spaniel came out, energy and enthusiasm levels went off the scale.  He is a gorgeous, well bred and well trained boy – one to watch in the future – and I actually forgot the photography for a while, learning loads just from watching Paul work him.

All in all a very enjoyable shoot (of the photographic kind – the other sort starts next month!)  I look forward to going back in winter when it’s a little less overgrown, and seeing how the plans develop.


For more info about the work of Trochry Gun Dogs click here.

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