Websites for Dog Breeders

Hot on the heels of, for any dog businesses, clubs or charities out there, who might be looking for a professional looking website, which you can edit yourself easily and which doesn’t cost the earth…

… It’s Websites For Dog Breeders .com!

websites for dog breedersI soon realised that breeders are a whole niche in themselves, and have slightly different needs to most dog businesses.  First of all they’re not really a business at all, but also they need to attract different people to their websites for different purposes, whether to sell puppies or stud services or simply to raise the profile of their dogs online.

So Websites For Dog Breeders was born, and will be launched properly in March, just before Crufts.

Having said that, I’m up and running and looking for clients, so if you know of any breeders who are looking for a website – either permanently or just temporarily to sell one special litter, please send them my way!

I’m also looking for litters of puppies to photograph to illustrate the new site (I’ve already got GSDs, springers and border terriers – looking for any other breed).  Goes without saying that the owner would receive some free shots in return, so again if you know of anyone in the Derby area, please ask them to get in touch!

Still under construction, but please come and visit Websites For Dog Breeders – and share it with your friends!

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