Wiltshire Country Fair at Bowood House

So last weekend saw the last-but-one Country Fair of the season, set in the grounds of the beautiful Bowood House in Wiltshire.

I travelled down from Derby on Friday night, a three hour journey which ended in my clutch slave cylinder dying a spluttering death just as I reached the gates. I suppose if it had to go it was good timing, because a quick phone call saw my knight in a shining white van arrive five minutes later to tow me the last two miles in.

The weather forecast for Saturday was gorgeous, and for Sunday was the opposite, which meant that everyone who was going to come on Sunday came on Saturday instead and it was amazingly busy!  The dog show was between the ferrets, the falcons and the agility this time, which made a pleasant change and we saw crowds of people booking in all morning and competing all afternoon in the sun.  I’m finding that I’m taking as many photos of dogs and children (or families) as of just dogs now, and I’m really enjoying that (to the point where I’m starting to offer school/playgroup photography as well as the dogs!) They say never work with children or animals… but as long as you don’t take it too seriously, and realise that the out-takes are sometimes better than the eventual shots, it’s great fun.  I loved this one of the baby and his little dog. The finger came out for the final version but I just love the story of it.

This weekend we were raising money for  Labrador Rescue, through both the dog show entries and the entries into the photo competition.  Thanks to your generosity we raised £67 through the photos, and the winner was this trio of beautiful spaniels.  If they’re yours, please get in touch and let me know which of the prints you would like.

Highlights for me? Well, once the crowds went home the golden eagle came out and practiced his flying in the ring next to ours.  Stunning bird and I loved spending half an hour with my camera focused on him!

By Sunday morning the rain had arrived in earnest, the show was quieter than I’ve ever known it and the RAC came to assess my vehicle.  As his van got stuck on the way in, he was dubious about getting me off after a day’s rain, so security arrived to push me onto the road and I had a lift home on an RAC lorry, arriving in time for roast chicken and Downton Abbey!

I had over four hundred photos to sort through from Saturday!  It was a marathon job, but the best of each dog is up in the gallery, so please click here to have a look.  If you would like a mug or poster calendar (both £10) with your image on, please contact me directly as they come from a different supplier.

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