WIN A Free Dog Photo Shoot and Doggy Portrait!

This is the launch of the free dog photo shoot draw!  I’m offering one free dog photo shootlucky winner a free dog photo shoot somewhere in Derby (I can come to your house or we can meet in a park) and a free 10×8″ portrait of your choice afterwards.

If you’re not in Derby, I’m sorry!  (Although having said that, if you live anywhere near one of the September Country Fairs, feel free to enter and I’ll do your free dog photo shoot there if you win!)  It is going to be a local one because I can’t promise to travel the lengths of the country to get to the winner (although if you live in Hawaii and are willing to pay my air fair, please do enter.  In fact if you live in Hawaii and are willing to pay my air fare I’ll do you a free dog photo shoot anyway!!!)

So, if you would like the chance to win a free dog photo shoot, all you need to do is fill in your details in the form below and good luck!!  I’ll actually be drawing one winner every season for the next year, so once I have your details I’ll automatically enter you for the next ones too.

And please, click on one of the social media buttons below and let your friends know about this offer too!

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